Thursday, August 20, 2009

SlideShare - Suitable for Students??

SlideShare claims to be the world’s largest online community for sharing presentations (SlideShare Inc, 2009). It enables its users to upload their presentations and view other presentations posted on their site. SlideShare is a free service and is relatively simple to setup. To sign up for an account all you need to do is select an account name, enter some personal details and then you’re free to upload and view presentations. This site is ideal for social purposes as well as for educators wishing to share their lessons and view others’.

Siemens Connectivism Theory (2004) is an advocate for sites connecting people. It highlights the point that networks function on the simple idea that individuals can be connected in the effort to create an integrated whole. Albert-László Barabási (2002) agrees with this statement, declaring that links between people represent survival in an interconnected world. SlideShare definitely has the potential to be a great teaching resource; and as I found out when uploading my first PowerPoint, it is easy to use. The potential for student usage once again comes back to the issue of safety and whether or not all of the content on the site is appropriate for students to view. SlideShare is a site I will definitely be adding to my Favourites list, and is an application I urge all educators to trial.


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