Thursday, August 20, 2009

File Storage with MediaFire!!

I think this is by far the simplest and best presented technology that I have investigated. MediaFire allows its users to store files and images online in a secure and safe location (MediaFire, 2009). What I really like about this technology is that you can free up space on your computer (something I desperately need to do at the completion of this course), and have the option to keep your files private or make them accessible to others. This free service has quite a substantial amount of space for all of your educational files, but if you find you need more, there is always the option to upgrade.

In an educational context, MediaFire could be used to post homework, assignments and activities. By posting it publicly on to the site, students have the opportunity to work with it both at school and at home. For me personally however, this technology would best be used in the sharing of resources between teachers. The file I have uploaded is a retrieval chart that could be used for students researching Australian animals on the internet. Overall I think that MediaFire has the potential to be a great technology for both students and teachers and, at the very least, it is something that I will use personally.

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Please click on the link to access the retrieval chart resource.


MediaFire. (2009). What is MediaFire? Citing computer references. Retrieved August 19, 2009, from

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