Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flickr Fun!!

Let me start by telling you that the technology ‘Flickr’ and I did not get off to the best start... For some unknown reason it would not let me create an account – it was really quite irritating. After countless attempts I finally managed to get in and was able to explore the wonder that is Flickr. Flickr is best explained as an online photo management system and photo sharing application (Turnbull, 2005). Flickr is a free program and once you get through the process of setting up your account it is relatively simple to use.
Signing up for an account requires only a few minutes of your time, and with this completed it is the possible to upload your photos to your file.

One of the major benefits of this program is the wide array of photos available that other users have uploaded. In a classroom setting you could use these photos for a digital storytelling session or basically any lesson that requires digital photos. Despite this, I don’t think this program is appropriate for student use in education. It would be far too easy for students to come across inappropriate pictures in their searches and this is the primary reason why it is blocked in most schools (DEECD, 2007).

The picture I have attached is one of my surfboards just after I had had a design put on it.


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