Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Food Chain Quiz.

Through the use of the ClassMarker website I have just finished creating my first online quiz about the food chain. For those of you who do not know, ClassMarker is a free (there is that word again), easy to use, professional online quiz creator that allows you to create a range of different quizzes and will mark it for you as well (ClassMarker, 2009). I found the process of making the quiz a relatively simple task, however thought the presentation of the page could be improved on to make it a little bit clearer. Creating the quiz was also a time consuming process, however the one thing I need to recall at times like this, is that once you have created the learning tool, it is a resource that you can use over and over.

Oliver’s learning design theory (1999) highlights the point that there are three key elements that make the foundation of his framework and each of these relate directly to each other. The key elements include: Learning Tasks, Learning Resources and Learning Supports. Oliver highlights the use of quizzes in his learning design model, directly relating the use of quizzes as a learning task and learning resource. In using education online, quizzes could save the teacher a substantial amount of time in marking, and is also ecologically sound, as there is no waste of paper. Students can also experiment with this technology, perhaps in a task requiring them to create a quiz to test their peers’ knowledge about a particular unit of work. Overall, I think the ClassMarker technology is a great resource and the time spent on creating the quizzes now is time saved in the future.

Follow this link to trial my Food Chain Quiz and test your knowledge.

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  1. Hey Ben,
    I just completed your quiz and I reached 100%. Agree with you I think this tool is a little time consuming, however, once created you can use them over and over and improve them is needed. Great quiz did you use it on your students?

  2. Hey Lozza,

    Congratulations on achieving 100% in the quiz. Haven't used this quiz yet. Will be using it on Monday as a form of summative test. Hopefully from what they have learnt so far they will achieve a similar result. Thanks for the comment.