Thursday, August 20, 2009

Incompetech – Music for learning.

Incompetech is a royalties-free music website which allows you to legally use music without paying the musicians. In the past I have used music in a dance/drama lesson where students were required to mimic the animal movements used by Aboriginals in their cultural dance. I have also incorporated music into the classroom by using it to assist students in the transition of activities. I found the Incompetech website relatively simple to use, however thought that the layout of the site and the variety of music available left plenty of room for improvement.

The piece of music I selected was a track titled AngloZulu, which was written by the musician Kevin Macleod. The music is described as “a collision of musical traditions put together in an epic theme (Macleod, 2008). The track has quite an ancient sound to it and could possibly be used in a drama piece depicting ancient times.

Overall, Incompetech is not really a site I would recommend or use in the future. The incorporation of music into the classroom however, is something I value highly and will continue to use with students.


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  1. Ben, I agree that music can play an important role in learning design. I have found that using music for transitioning between activities works effectiviely to maintain a level of order and continuity, I have seen this work particularly well with younger students. Music can have so many influences, and I intend to investigate further for opportunities to utilise its many benfits. Cheers, Marg